DIKW Reference Literatures

Collection of Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW) research reference literature

 (until 2021/05/06 filtered with Researchgate )
By Yucong Duan, Yuxiao Lei, Ke Fan, Yingbo Li, Ting Hu, Yue Huang, Jiacheng Deng, Jun Zhao, Kai Cao, Ziting Ren, Lougao Zhan
DIKW research group of Hainan University, China
Email: duanyucong@hotmail.com
Abstraction: DIKW researches have been taken in many domains spanning over decades at least. With the help of Researchgate filtering function, we have sorted nearly 400 related literature to ease the finding of this topic in hope of accelerating related research and investigation in deeper foundations and towards rich applications iteratively.


(1)     Yucong Duan, Christophe Cruz:
Formalizing Semantic of Natural Language through Conceptualization from Existence. International journal of innovation. (2011)

(2)     Alex Norta:
Designing a Smart-Contract Application Layer for Transacting Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. Springer, Singapore. (2016)

(3)     Hien D. Nguyen:
Model for representation the relations between geometric objects and Drawing a figure of the problem in Plane geometry. International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering. 8(6):3081-3086 (2019)

(4)     Nancy Staggers, Ramona Nelson:
Data, information, knowledge, wisdom. Routledge International Handbook of Advanced Quantitative Methods in Nursing Research. (2015)

(5)     Jay Bernstein:
The Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom Hierarchy and its Antithesis. NASKO.2(1) (2009).

(6)     Charlene Ronquillo, Leanne M Currie, Patricia Rodney:

The Evolution of Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom in Nursing Informatics. Advances in Nursing Science. 39(1):E1 (2016)

(7)     Terry Dwain Robertson:
The Data/Information/Knowledge/Wisdom Hierarchy Goes to Seminary. Advances in the Study of Information and Religion. 3(1) (2013)

(8)     Nikhil Sharma:
The Origin of Data Information Knowledge Wisdom (DIKW) Hierarchy. (2008)

(9)     Syed Ahsan, Abad Shah:
Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom: A Doubly Linked Chain? International Conference on Information & Knowledge Engineering 2006: 270-276


(10)  Elena Lyadina-Saville:
Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom: Shaping E&P World. SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (2009)

(11)  Susan Matney, Philip J Brewster, Katherine A Sward, Kristin G Cloyes, Nancy Staggers:
Philosophical approaches to the nursing informatics data-information-knowledge-wisdom framework. Advances in Nursing Science. 34(1):6 (2011).

(12)  Judith Pinn Carlisle:

A contribution to the development of a philosophical foundation for the data information knowledge wisdom hierarchy. A Renaissance of Information Technology for Sustainability & Global Competitiveness Americas Conference on Information Systems (2011)


(13)     Jifa Gu:
Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom and Meta-Synthesis of Wisdom-Comment on Wisdom Global and Wisdom Cities. Procedia Computer Science. 17:713-719 (2013)

(14)     Rémi Wognin, France Henri, Olga Marino:
Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom: A Revised Model for Agents-Based Knowledge Management Systems. Springer US. (2012)
(15)     Neil Postman:
Information, knowledge, wisdom. AMIC Deutsche Welle Workshop on Radio and the Internet. (2000)
(16)     Janet Seggie:
Data -> information -> knowledge -> wisdom: When is South Africa going to get her act together? South African medical journal = Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir geneeskunde. 105(10):795 (2015).
(17)     Terje Aven:
A conceptual framework for linking risk and the elements of the data–information–knowledge–wisdom (DIKW) hierarchy. Reliability Engineering & System Safety. 111(3): 30-36 (2013)
(18)     Sasa Baskarada, Andy Koronios:
Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW): A Semiotic Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of the Hierarchy and its Quality Dimension. Social Science Electronic Publishing. 18(1): 2109-2112 (2013)
(19)     Paul Cooper:
Data, information, knowledge and wisdom. Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Medicine. 15(1): 44-45 (2014)
(20)     Yucong Duan:
Consilience of Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom (DIKW) modals. (2021)

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